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Hello and welcome to The Carpet Chemist.

I started out Carpet Cleaning in 2001. I could see technology and chemistry advancing at a fast pace. I wanted to be constantly evolving with the latest innovations. To enable this I returned to University and became a formulation chemist.

I am certified in Flood Restoration by the world’s leading training authority, The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Additionally, I have many tertiary qualifications in related scientific fields. These fields include Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cells Biology, Mycology (fungus) and Chemistry. For over 17 years I have worked on many flood claims and offered independent third party advice in claim disputes.

All these years of research and development have culminated in a range of carpet cleaning formulas that are amazingly effective. I’m sure you will love them as much as I do! Our innovative carpet cleaning products have been mastered through the technical knowledge of chemistry and years of practical experience. We truly offer industry leading technical expertise and results.

- Peter Clinch (BSc CHEM) - Certified Flood Restoration (IICRC WRT) - Microbial Specialist


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Carpets that stay clean!

Our products are formulated to crystallise during the drying process. The majority of carpet cleaning companies still use cheaper, traditional soaps and detergents. Residual levels of these inferior products stay attached to the carpet fibres. This can lead to faster re-soiling as dirt will then attach to these sticky residues. Think how dishwashing liquid becomes sticky around the lid. This similar to what can happen after a carpet clean. FACT – Due to laws of surface chemistry, no amount of extraction will remove 100% of product from fibers. This is regardless of how large a machine is. Using a quality crystallising product allows the tiny fraction of residual product to be released during normal vacuum cleaning.  We provide a deep thorough clean that stays clean with zero sticky residues left to re-soil the carpet!

We are so confident in our professional line of carpet care products that we are happy to compare them with any of our competitors upon request. We can demo for both cleaning ability as well as resistance to re-soiling. Full details are available here.

Modern chemistry has allowed eco-friendly polymer formulations to solve the problem of effective grease cutting while remaining free of dirt attracting residues. Our regular customers are so pleased at how long their carpets STAY clean. Another wonderful benefit of these advances in crystallising chemistry is how little water is required. Our carpets dry in as little as 1-4 hours. When carpets take to long to dry, conditions are perfect for mould and bacteria to thrive. Carpets should be dried quickly to ensure a healthy home or business.

Our cleaning involves multiple stages. Each step is equally important for achieving the optimum results. This video shows the exciting part when our special formula emulsifies the oils, soils and other contaminants into proprietary encapsulation solution.

We provide both modern Very Low Moisture (VLM) systems as well as traditional Steam Cleaning (HWE). We can cater to everybody’s requirements.

We are a local husband and wife team that depends on word of mouth referrals. So we are 100% focused on superior carpet cleaning results and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing true quality and value every time. Receive helpful tips by liking our Carpet Cleaning Dunedin Facebook page.

Carpet Cleaning Dunedin

About The Carpet Chemist

The Carpet Chemist is Dunedin’s favourite carpet cleaner. We have the most advanced stain processes on earth and they are also good for the earth. Eco-friendly solutions that are biodegradable.

Did you know that carpet cleaning qualifications often span only 1 or 2 days? This basic training gets them off to a great start. Then it becomes an endless journey to master the chemistry of advanced stain removal. We are proud to offer this level of expertise in the professional care of carpet and furniture.

There are many minor details which are just as important to make sure we provide a complete carpet cleaning service. This starts with friendly advice and pricing information on the phone or by email. Once we arrive at the property we view the carpet and listen carefully to customer concerns. From here it’s straight to work. We do everything possible to give clients the best carpet clean they have ever experienced.

Upon completion of the work, we will then give the client a thorough tour of their restored carpet. We then offer free advice on how to look after and maintain their precious carpets. We want a customer for life, so the recipe is simple. Look after the client, listen and always give 100% dedication. Only then is the customer sure to keep our phone number on hand.

We can also provide carpet spotter for both your carpet and furniture. The “safe for home use” carpet spotter is designed to safely remove common stains while avoiding the potential to cause damage. Many common chemicals often cause irreversible staining so please call for free advice. We are happy to help and it could help you avoid a costly mistake.

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Thank you for reading.
From Pete, Wendy and the kids!

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