How long between cleans?
Carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to slow down the formation of permanent wear patterns. This is due to removing deep abrasive soils which are the leading cause of carpet wear as they are walked on.


The following graph illustrates this. Please note how the peaks relate to the potential appearance with each clean over time due to wear.
Maintainence graph smallMaintainence graph small


We can offer discounts for regular maintenance cleaning due to less labour and product required. We add additional protector to further increase these savings. This strategy also helps your carpet to stay looking great between cleans. As they say, an ounce of prevention (cleaning) is worth a pound of cure (replacement).


Doesn’t carpet get dirty quicker once it has been cleaned?

Absolutely not! Carpet cleaners who leave dirt attracting residues have created a misconception there. When carpets are cleaned by a true knowledgeable operator there will be no bad residues that dirt can stick to creating rapid re-soiling. All carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning, usually every 3 months to 1 year. Abrasive soil hides deep in carpet fibres and is the primary cause of wear. It scratches and dulls your carpet long before it is visibly dirty.

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