DIY Stain Removal

This one minute read may save you $1000’s in replacement costs.

New Zealand has far more wool carpet and cellulose backed carpet than places like the US. Because of this, it is imperative that you are very careful when reading online advice.

Most DIY mistakes can be remedied. However it does cost extra and every day many people ruin their carpet by causing permanent irreversible loss of colour.

It is common to search the Internet for tips and procedures to cheaply remove stains from your carpet. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont. And sometimes what works on one carpet might damage another carpet. There are simply too many variables for a “YouTube expert” to guide you through a trouble free remedy every time.

Even harmless home remedies such as baking soda are too alkaline for many carpets and will severely yellow them when over wet. This is particularly common on older carpets through oxidation, but can still happen on many newer carpets as well.

The great news is that we offer free advice. That’s right, just give us a call and you can consult a chemist that has been carpet cleaning for over 15 years. Contact The Carpet Chemist now and save yourself the worry!

We also offer carpet spotters for home use that avoid potential problems with consumer products.