DIY Rental machines

Does a rental machine from the supermarket work for carpet cleaning?

I tend to get this asked quite a bit. The short answer is sometimes. We get a large amount of DIY fix up jobs, thank fully the damage is usually reversible. We always know when the little carpet machines have been used (excess foam and chemical) or sometimes it was professionals with lack of experience and knowledge. But in the end the customer’s had to pay to clean it themselves and then pay a professional to fix it up. Now I see four things that you need to be mindful of when considering hiring a machine.

Firstly is the true cost of doing it yourself – machine hire, carpet shampoo, relevant carpet cleaners, the fuel used picking it up and of course the cost of your labour between picking it up and dropping it off.

Then be aware that you may still need to get a pro carpet cleaner in to “clean it properly” if things don’t look as good as you hoped.   Now the carpet cleaning spotters available for home use are not nearly as powerful as what a well equipped professional carpet cleaner has. Sure some formulation’s can remove some carpet stains, but really stubborn stains need to be treated with the right reactions in the right order for optimal results. For more info on stains check out my other blogs.

Next issue is over cleaning an area trying to get a good result. Using too much water will cause the carpets hydrophobic backing to eventually absorb water. This can potentially cause more problems such as wicking, browning, yellowing and even split seams on some carpets!

The final thing to be sure of is what chemicals are you putting on your carpet. Read down below about Green Carpet Cleaning for further information. Many of the ingredients in consumables available at the supermarket have suspected toxic effects. Be sure you are happy with what you are putting on there. Especially if you have children. The Carpet Chemist only use’s safe products that are “green”- safe for you and the environment.

So true cost, stain setting, over wetting and chemical residue problems are all worth considering when you are contemplating DIY carpet cleaning. Sometimes its better left to the professionals.

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