Complete Service

Here are some more finer details to provide a complete service!

Did you know that carpet cleaning classes often span only 1 or 2 days? This basic training gets them off to a great start. Then comes an endless journey to try master the chemistry of advanced stain removal. We are proud to offer industry leading expertise in professional carpet care.

There are many minor details which are important for a superior carpet cleaning service. This starts with friendly advice and pricing information on the phone or by email. Once we arrive at the property we inspect the carpet and listen carefully to customer concerns. From here it’s straight to work. We do everything needed to produce the best carpet clean possible.

Once finished, we will then give the client a tour of their restored carpet. We then offer free advice on how to look after and maintain their valuable investment. We want a customer for life, so the recipe is simple. Look after the client, listen and always give 100% dedication. Only then is the customer sure to keep our phone number on hand.

We can also provide carpet spotter for both your carpet and furniture. The “safe for home use” carpet spotter is designed to safely remove common stains while avoiding the potential to cause damage. Many common chemicals often cause irreversible staining so please call for free advice. We are happy to help and it could help you avoid a costly mistake.

Please browse our videos on our Carpet Cleaning Dunedin page to learn the true value of our carpet cleaning services.

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