A shrinking carpet

While cleaning at a large Dunedin University College recently we were informed about a problem they were having in there 200 square metre dining room and common room. They explained to us that previous carpet cleaners had shrunk the carpet and they were worried about this. They actually had to put another layer of skirting boards on two side edges of the room as this was a cheaper fix than adding additional strips of carpet. Apparently re-stretching the carpet was impossible.

As soon as I heard our clients concern about there carpet shrinking during the cleaning process I was able to ease there concerns by explaining the solution. Firstly the most common cause of shrinking a carpet during cleaning comes directly from leaving the carpet too wet and/or not providing good ventilation immediately afterwards. Leaving it too wet can result from any of the following reasons; low vacuum power, water pressure too high, foaming cleaning products or low quality cleaning solutions that require multiple wand passes to achieve full soil removal.

Besides these standard reasons that ALL carpet cleaners SHOULD be able to control, there is a couple of other tricks that we could do to ensure a problem free carpet clean. The reason we needed to adjust the normal cleaning procedure is because of the extenuating circumstances.

The fix…

Besides the good cleaning principles mentioned earlier, there was two little tricks that we used to ensure safe carpet cleaning of this problem carpet.

1. We made use of a rotary low pressure extractor. There are only a few of these machines around the country and they are great when fast drying is crucial. They use mechanical agitation to gently massage the fibres while allowing multiple cleaning passes. The pressure can therefore be greatly reduced compared to a normal manual cleaning wand.
2. Secondly we cleaned the area in two halves according to the direction of the shrinking carpet fibres. This probably wasn’t necessary, however it was a good just in case measure that meant any shrinkage would be reduced by 50% and therefore reduced any chance of pulling the carpet off the smooth edge fixing along the perimeter of the carpet.

This is just another example of how real experience and a little technology can go a long way in preventing unnecessary cost and headaches. A great reason to talk to The Carpet Chemist Dunedin.

The Carpet Chemist