What does a good carpet cleaning service cost?

If you are the best at what you do, why don’t you charge as much as some other carpet cleaners?

We are able to charge less because we are so efficient at getting carpets cleaned and removing stains. We can complete each job more efficiently, saving us time and our clients money. Also being 100% locally and family owned means that we don’t pay expensive franchise fees that go up to Auckland or overseas.  If you have called around or searched the web you will have noticed that there is a big difference in prices. Usually there is a rough correlation between price and quality as with most things. But there are always exceptions with the rule. We keep our prices affordable by cleaning more efficiently. We pass this on to our customers with very competitive rates for carpet cleaning. The bottom line is better carpet cleaning without the huge price tag. We want to be known as the Dunedin carpet cleaning service that does an amazing job every time and offers the best value for your dollar. Whether it is carpet cleaning in Dunedin, stain removal or flood restoration, we promise to provide the best value.  Give us a call, we would love to help.

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